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Accelerate Sales Processes and Streamline Contract Workflows with QuantumRhino and HelloSign

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Accelerate Sales Processes and Streamline Contract Workflows with QuantumRhino and HelloSign

QuantumRhino, the business-first automation company for midsize-to-large enterprises is proud to announce an official partnership with HelloSign to offer Salesforce API integrations. QuantumRhino and HelloSign joining together is an exciting partnership that will enable our Salesforce customers to shorten sales cycles through eSignature and workflow automation.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about partnering with HelloSign,” said QuantumRhino’s CEO, Chris Sinkwitz. “They have the proven ability to improve sales and contract processes through their eSignature platform that is trusted by millions. Between HelloSign’s API, QuantumRhino’s technical services, and our shared value of putting our clients first, I am confident our mutual clients will experience improved revenue generation and a boost in productivity.”

HelloSign, which Dropbox acquired in 2019, helps over 80,000 customers and millions of people do business faster. QuantumRhino’s automation, integration, and development services align with clients ready to modernize their sales processes and contract management workflows through eSignatures and automation – all without leaving Salesforce.

With HelloSign’s integration, users receive these five key benefits:

  • Faster Contract Signing
    • HelloSign will help users shorten their sales cycle by up to 10 days and improve quotas by 45%.
    • Easily transmit forms without ever having to print, sign, fax, or scan your documents.
  • Full Salesforce Integration
    • After implementing HelloSign, users can send documents directly without ever having to leave Salesforce.
  • Multiple Signing Capabilities
    • Businesses can provide customers the capability to do both in-person signing and e-Signature.
    • Users are able to utilize the HelloSign for Google Docs add-on so they can electronically sign any document (or send it to someone else to sign) right in Google Docs.
  • Easy to Personalize
    • Quickly and easily update signature document(s) signer requests and personalized messaging to ensure the right people get the right message.
    • Users won’t have to toggle between their CRM and e-Signature solution to manage templates.
  • Easy Admin Tools
    • Out-of-the-box document, template, and user management are simplified and straightforward.

QuantumRhino can help maximize HelloSign’s benefits by optimizing, integrating, and automating e-Signature processes and workflows across business units and systems.

The QuantumRhino team excels because we take the time to understand your business needs before any API integration development. Our solutions are built with scalability in mind, while keeping costs affordable.

Minimize risk when implementing the HelloSign integration by working with our highly experienced team of developers. Our team brings over 10 years of development and API experience. Through current partnerships with acclaimed Document Generation Automation providers, our team has the right skill set to implement HelloSign into your org quickly and efficiently. With the help of QuantumRhino, your business will deliver results faster than you think.

You can put your trust in QuantumRhino.

Schedule your 30-minute consultation to learn more about HelloSign and how it can help your business today.

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