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Chili Piper Unveils Chili Piper Partners to Empower Solution Providers, Agencies and Consulting Firms

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Chili Piper Unveils Chili Piper Partners to Empower Solution Providers, Agencies and Consulting Firms

As B2B marketers struggle with inbound conversion, new channel partner program will help these partners to support customers and drive new revenue

NEW YORK – November 23, 2021Chili Piper, the leading inbound conversion platform for revenue teams, today announced Chili Piper Partners, a new channel partner program that will bring Chili Piper to more B2B companies as demand for inbound conversion optimization surges. This move embodies Chili Piper’s ‘better together’ mission and will help channel partners increase conversion rates and boost revenue.

“B2B marketers are under more pressure than ever to generate revenue,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and co-founder of Chili Piper. “Chili Piper Partners provides channel partners with the support demand to enhance customer value and drive new revenue opportunities. Channel is a key strategy for us as we continue to scale our business to the next level, and we look forward to building meaningful partner relationships and customer wins across all regions.”

Now more than ever, B2B companies are relying on inbound marketing to generate pipeline. But marketers struggle to convert inbound leads, with many missing the most important conversion point – lead response time. In fact, the average lead response time is 42 hours. Enter Chili Piper, the world’s first one-stop-shop for all routing, scheduling, and assignment needs, whose inbound conversion platform makes speed-to-lead instant. Chili Piper automatically qualifies, routes and connects inbound leads, while enabling a fast and error-free marketing-to-sales handoff. Companies like Intuit, Twilio, Gong, Spotify, and Shopify rely on Chili Piper, and have used it to double their inbound conversion rates.

With Chili Piper Partners, solution providers, agencies and consulting firms can meet the moment, offering Chili Piper’s platform as an out-of-the-box inbound conversion solution or as a customizable, white-labeled product. Chili Piper Partners benefit from co-marketing support across webinars, blogs, social, and events as well as comprehensive sales and technical enablement and recurring revenue from a 20% revenue share program. As part of Chili Piper Partners, Chili Piper will also provide expert guidance and support, industry best practices, insider access to new Chili Piper products, and a dedicated growth manager to each partner.

At launch, Chili Piper Partners include QuantumRhino, RevenueZen, and PMG: A Buyer engagement Company.

“Our partnership with Chili Piper presents tremendous opportunity in a high-demand market,” said Chris Sinkwitz, CEO and co-founder of QuantumRhino. “Being able to offer Chili Piper as a solution makes it easy for us to create value for our customers, supporting them as inbound conversion becomes increasingly complex and challenging.”

Earlier this month, Chili Piper announced it has been named a Premier Partner of RingCentral, a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center solutions. Premier partners work closely with RingCentral to drive integrated business workflows for mutual customers. This partnership enabled Chili Piper to reach new audiences and expand into different verticals.

For more information about Chili Piper Partners, visit: https://www.chilipiper.com/.

About Chili Piper

Chili Piper is building the #1 inbound conversion platform for high-growth companies. Chili Piper makes speed-to-lead instant, automatically qualifying and routing inbound leads, while enabling a fast and error-free handoff from marketing to sales. Today, companies like Intuit, Twilio, Forrester, Spotify, and Gong use Chili Piper to double their inbound conversion rates and maximize revenue. With over 170 employees in 133 cities across 28 countries, Chili Piper has been spicing sales up since 2016.

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